Oprah Winfrey's first segment on '60 Minutes' was an intense discussion about Trump

Oprah 60 minutesCBSOprah Winfrey listening to a Trump supporter respond to her question.

Oprah Winfrey sat down with
Trump and non-Trump supporters from pivotal election state Michigan to discuss the president in her first segment as a special correspondent for “60 Minutes” Sunday night — and it got heated.

The only thing the 14-person panel agreed on was that the president should probably tweet a little more cautiously. Other than that, they were very divided.

At the top of the discussion, a Trump supporter named Tom said he’s continued to feel enthusiastic about the president since he’s taken office.

“I love it. Every day I love him more and more. Every single day,” Tom said.

Jennifer, a self-proclaimed Republican who voted for Clinton had the polar opposite reaction to Trump’s presidency, and said that she felt that “he’s a horrible president.” Jennifer also said that she felt that when the president made off the cuff remarks, “We look like we’re a joke to other foreign leaders.”

The people who participated in the round table discussion didn’t see eye-to-eye on nearly any of subjects discussed, such as the investigation into alleged Russian collusion in the election, Trump’s “many sides” comments after Charlottesville, or a ban on transgender soldiers in the military.

One of the most intriguing parts of the segment was when Winfrey asked the group if they thought that people would find more common ground by the time of the next presidential election. A woman named Laura said that she felt the country will become more divided, and that she feared “civil war.” Most of the group agreed with this sentiment.

As the conversation drew to a close, the group seemed to find the discussion that they had together to be beneficial, and agreed that these types of conversations need to keep happening — despite the fact that everyone’s political stances remained as divided as when the discussion began.

Winfrey revealed at the end of the segment that the heated conversation had lasted for three hours, and had continued in a restaurant after filming ended. Certain members of the group have even stayed in communication with each other since filming the segment, and according to Winfrey, five went to a gun range together just last weekend.

You can watch the full “60 Minutes” segment on CBS’ website.

How do you think Donald Trump is doing? Oprah asks voters in Michigan https://t.co/UI7z5pZqJb pic.twitter.com/xoyxEOXV7m
— 60 Minutes (@60Minutes) September 25, 2017

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