Oprah Sparks Riots At Kentucky Fried Chicken


Update: A source tells us that this stunt is causing a supply chain disruption across the KFC network.

Original Post: Uh-oh! Volatile, combustible situation on hand involving Oprah and free food at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

It seems the daytime diva ran some promotion on her show yesterday offering anyone free grilled chicken at KFC if they downloaded a coupon online. Talk about a highly appealing offer in this economy, especially for the legions of unemployed sitting at home watching Oprah.

But not surprisingly, the overwhelming demand is causing serious problems. Lots of folks on Twitter are complaining about trouble at their local KFCs as stores can’t keep up with the demands of hungry, ravenous Oprah fans.

And in New York there was even a sit-in at a KFC location, reports Gothamist. A sit in! Folks, this is the new French revolution we’re witnessing. And Oprah sparked it. The only difference is that this is grilled chicken — breaded, fried chicken would’ve made it a perfect analogy.

Send in your stories. We’ll post more reports, particularly if this leads to violence or social unrest.

(picture via @jkang817)

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