Oprah is sticking up for Meghan Markle

CBS / Getty Images, Karwai Tang / Getty ImagesOprah has defended Meghan Markle.
  • Oprah Winfrey has said she thinks Meghan Markle is being treated “unfairly” by the press.
  • The television personality said that people who don’t know the duchess fail to see her “warm, giving, loving, heart.”
  • This comes after she revealed she would be partnering with Prince Harry on a documentary series about mental health and wellness for Apple.
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Oprah Winfrey has called out the media for their portrayal of Meghan Markle.

The TV personality, who announced she is working with Prince Harry on a mental health documentary series for Apple on Wednesday, praised the royal couple during her appearance on CBS This Morning.

When asked how she thinks Markle is being portrayed, Winfrey replied: “I think that she is being portrayed unfairly.

“And I feel that if people really knew her, they would know that she is not only everything that we perceive of her in being graceful and dynamic in holding that position, but she just has a wonderful, warm, giving, loving heart.

“I see all the crazy press around her, and I think it’s really unfair.”

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She added: “She actually doesn’t read anything, which I find remarkable, in spite of all that’s going on.”

Oprah’s comments come after Markle, while speaking on a panel for International Women’s Day in March, revealed that she doesn’t go on Twitter and she doesn’t read any headlines written about her.

Prince Harry also recently branded social media “as addictive as drugs and alcohol.”

The royal family even released “social media guidelines” to the public in March after a slur of “abusive” and “hateful” comments about Markle were left on their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Elsewhere in the interview, Winfrey also spoke about the mental health series that she is co-producing with Prince Harry.

“I was having a conversation with him. I asked him, ‘What do you think are the most important issues facing the world right now?’

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“He said climate change and mental wellness, mental fitness.

“As you know, he has spoken about his own issues and what he went through after his mother died, and how talking about it has benefited him. “

Winfrey, who attended Harry and Markle’s wedding last year, also revealed she and Harry had “secret meetings” in London to discuss the new series.

Prince Harry said of the documentary: “Our hope is that this series will be positive, enlightening and inclusive – sharing global stories of unparalleled human spirit fighting back from the darkest places, and the opportunity for us to understand ourselves and those around us better.

“I am incredibly proud to be working alongside Oprah on this vital series which we have been developing together for several months.”

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