Oprah Just Gave The NBA’s Biggest Weirdo A Reality Show

Denver Nuggets $50 million contract offer to JaVale McGee

Denver Nuggets centre and notorious NBA oddball JaVale McGee is getting a reality show on Oprah’s OWN Network.

The show will be called “Millionaire Mama’s Boy” and it will be about JaVale and his mum Pamela.

It sounds like there’s some Real Housewives to it, from the release:

“Meanwhile, Pamela’s managing her own life, which consists of her equally fabulous single girlfriends who also have sons coming up in the league.  When Pamela needs someone to laugh with or a shoulder to cry on, she turns to her girls. Like Pamela, they are single mothers raising their sons while dating and chasing their own ambitions.  With her hectic schedule, Pamela relies on her ‘manny’ Jay to get things done.”

OK then.

JaVale has gained a reputation as the NBA’s most enjoyable on- and off-court weirdo in the last couple of years. He has an alter-ego named Pierre and he puts “RT: @JaValeMcGee34” before every single one of his tweets, as if he’s retweeting himself.

On the court, he’s a freakish athlete who makes $10 million per year but has a tendency to make bone-headed plays.

Bottom line: This has the potential to be a fun show. Thank you, Oprah.

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