Meet The Oprah Winfrey Network Exiles, Now Including Ousted CEO Christina Norman


For a network conceived less than three years ago, Oprah Winfrey‘s penultimate television achievement, OWN, has burned through a ton of industry players.

That known environment, coupled with the crappy ratings that have plagued OWN since its January 1 premiere, makes today’s announcement of CEO Christina Norman‘s firing feel pretty inevitable.

Thus, it’s easy to skip straight to wondering who will fill Norman’s shoes.

But whoever’s being considered (recently departed MTV CEO Judy McGrath was already begged by Winfrey to come onboard once) better take a look backwards before they leap.

And in the meantime, Norman can comfort herself with the advice from this 2008 O Magazine story, “Getting Fired: It Could Be A Good Thing.”

Sample tip: “Wallowing in failure is not a style that looks good in any season.”

Former MTV president Christina Norman is out after two years as CEO (and less than six months after the network's debut.)

Her predecessor, Robin Schwartz (formerly president at Regency Television) lasted 10 months in the job, quitting in April 2009.

Jamila Hunter, a TV veteran who helped reinvent Bravo, came on as head of programming in the wake of Schwartz's departure. After sixteen months on the job, she moved to ABC and became a VP of comedy development.

Former Viacom CEO Tom Freston consulted for the network during startup -- but rebuffed Winfrey's attempts to bring him on full time.

Liz Dolan, who once ran global marketing at Nike, was OWN's CMO for a year and a half before leaving to take the same post at Fox International.

Marketing exec Greg Neal, who had helped launch HGTV, followed Dolan out. He now owns a marketing consulting firm and two Texas running-gear stores.

Assistant Catherine Dunn left OWN in 2010 and later sued the network, claiming she suffered discrimination because of her MS. (The matter was apparently settled out of court.)

Now check out what the NYT turned up about another media empress.

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