People Are Going Crazy For These Ugly Christmas-Patterned Suits

For those looking to one-up everyone at the annual ugly sweater party, look no further than Opposuit‘s ugly Christmas sweater suits.

Inspired by the patterns of sweaters best left on the racks of Value Village, these suits are just about the most attention-getting piece of clothing that money can buy.

They’re really, really ugly — but that’s kind of the whole point.


Each of the 26 suits has its own unique pattern, from stars and stripes to playing cards. They’re made out 100% polyester (which, as the box says, is 200% amazing) and are machine washable, making them the perfect thing to wear to the holiday party where things are known to get a little crazy.

The three Christmas themed suits include the blue snowflake- and reindeer-patterned “The Rudolph,” the red and green Christmas tree patterned “Treemendous,” and the red Christmas snowman explosion of “Christmaster.”


The company claims that the suits are definitely not just silly costumes, and assures customers that they’re made with high-quality construction and materials as well as a well-fitting design. The pants are even made slightly longer to accommodate wearing it with casual shoes.

The suits are produced by an offshoot brand of Amsterdam based clothing retailer, They retail between $99 and $110, and come with a matching jacket, pants, and a patterned tie.


Unfortunately, the company sold out of its entire Christmas inventory in 48 hours on Black Friday, according to SF Gate, so your hopes may be dashed if you were planning to wear one to your next seasonal get-together.

Still, you can choose one of any number of other styles Opposuits offers, like the New Year’s star suit or Halloween’s Jack o’Lantern version.


Some of them aren’t so offensive if your style is on the more adventurous side, like this cheetah-print version.


But for the most part, the Opposuits are very loud and garish. Plus for $100, it might be better to just buy a nice button-down shirt or pair of pants.


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