The Creators Of This Smelly Smartphone Are Hosting A Competition In London

Le Laboratoire, the lab that made the oPhone — a phone that emits various smells to music — is hosting a special competition in London this October.

Attendees of Wired Magazine’s annual conference will be invited to help compose a symphony with coffee scents.

Here’s how this gadget works. Instead of sending a traditional text, friends with oPhones send each other smells.

Senders have a some level of control on how the scent gets recieved. From a mobile app, users can program different hints of coffee to emerge according to a song. Essentially, brief bursts of caramel and hazelnut can flourish from the sensor.

Once you’re alerted that a scent has arrived, pull out the oPhone and take a whiff. The experiment in London should help the team refine its system for delivering more flavours. There’s no specified release date for this yet, but visitors to the conference should definitely check this out.

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