OpenSocial -- Doomed From The Start?

Yahoo! has officially joined OpenSocial  the Google-led app platform/would-be Facebook killer. The idea is that Google (GOOG), Yahoo (YHOO), MySpace (NWS), Bebo (TWX) et al allow developers to create apps that work across all of their networks — and give them an incentive to build for their networks instead of Facebook’s dominant one. But there’s already signs that OpenSocial’s own members aren’t convinced it will work,

For instance: iMeem, an OpenSocial member, is introducing its own SDK for developers. The company says that eventually developers will have the ability to port iMeem-specific apps to the OpenSocial platform. But this just adds a level of confusion that OpenSocial was supposed to get rid of. Can someone explain again why this is supposed to scare Facebook?

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