16 Small Businesses On The Verge Of A Breakthrough

Dun Well Doughnuts

OpenSky, a startup known as “the social network of shopping,” recently put out a call for small businesses that deserve to expand. 

The Breakthrough Award will be given to the small business with the most votes. OpenSky shared the 16 small businesses that have risen to the top in voting. 

The winner of the contest will receive a plethora of web and e-commerce tools to expand and improve business. 

The finalists are diverse and offer products ranging from doughnuts to bow-ties.   

Impressed with one of these ideas? You can vote here. The winner will be announced June 20. 

Artisan Baking Company

Location: Fort Worth, Texas.

What they do: Artisan Baking Company is a small family business that specialises in 'great-tasting, handmade bread and baked goods made from scratch with local, seasonal and organic ingredients.'

Bottle & Bottega

Location: Chicago, Illinois.

What they do: Bottle & Bottega offers art classes and good wine for customers. The company is so successful it Chicago that it has begun franchising around the U.S. 'Our hands-on art sessions allow anyone to uncork their inner artist and create something of their own,' the company says.

Campfire In A Can

Location: Henderson, Nevada.

What they do: Campfire In A Can aims to make campfires easy. The $280 product is reusable and easy to transport. 'We built a product that can easily be used from the backyard to the beach or wherever your adventures take you,' the company says.

C Stone Biodegradables

Location: Los Angeles, California.

What they do: The company offers a line of eco-friendly products to replace traditional, environment-harming paper and plastic. Its cutlery and other products are made from a blend of plant-based resin, other additive, and limestone. The products are 100% renewable.

Dun Well Doughnuts

Location: Brooklyn, New York.

What they do: Dun Well doughnuts aims to be the best vegan doughnut company in the world. Its well on its way, offering flavours like Raspberry Rose, Maple Blueberry, and Almond Coco Joy.

Fat Toad Farm

Location: Brookfield, Vermont

What they do: Fat Toad Farm makes artisanal caramel sauces from scratch from the family's dairy goats. The sauces are described as 'insanely delicious.'

Gunshot Sauce

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee.

What they do: The vinegar-based barbecue sauce is inspired by the founder's grandfather. 'Staying true to Grampa Wilford's original recipe, Gunshot Sauce returns your taste buds to yesteryear, to a time when flavour was full, preservatives were natural, and worries were few.'


Location: Tualatin, Oregon.

What they do: The site helps customers research and plan more creative meals. Its growing in popularity because of its itemized grocery list, which most customers wouldn't have time to do. Memberships are just $5 per month.

Honeysuckle Gelato

Location: Atlanta, Georgia.

What they do: The company makes gelato and sorbet in a variety of creative flavours like Bourbon Pecan, Honey Fig, and Banana Peanut Butter. 'Our vision is to combine the rich and smooth texture of gelato with the decadent flavours and desserts of the South,' the company says.

Knot By Tiffa

Location: Silver Springs, Maryland

What they do: The company sells handmade bow ties. Tiffany Rogers, the designer, 'conceptualizes and creates a lovely an eccentric collection inspired by her own diverse musical leanings.'


Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee.

What they do: With the rise in apartment living, wall decor has become a huge craze. My Wonderful Walls offers beautiful wall decor for children and adults made in the owners' home office.

Pop Karma

Location: New York City.

What they do: The company makes popcorn 'from responsible, sustainable producers.' The popcorn comes in tantalising flavours like Classic Mediterranean, White Truffle Cheddar, and Kyoto Mix.

Stephen Plaud Design

Location: Tiverton, Rhode Island.

What they do: This company makes custom furniture 'with passion and precision.' Pieces, which are advertised as 'American-made heirlooms,' come in a variety of aesthetics including shabby chic and contemporary.

Whip Hand Cosmetics

Location: Detroit, Michigan.

What they do: The cosmetics firm is best-known for its 'Set The Stage' primer. The product is famed for making women's make-up last longer. The brand was founded by Riese Lauriat, a make-up artist who was frustrated she couldn't find quality products for her clients.


Location: Las Vegas, Nevada.

What they do: Plovgh (pronounced 'plow') is a community of people who 'product, trade, and move crops from farms directly to individuals.' This benefits local farmers by giving them business and allows customers to get fresher produce.

DC Brau

Location: Washington D.C.

What they do: The company brews beer within the D.C. city limits and is growing in popularity in the nation's Capitol.

You've seen up-and-coming small businesses...

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