Thousands Of Devoted Fans Camped Out For The Opening Of Apple's Newest Store In China

Apple is making a major push in China. According to recent estimates by UBS, China is becoming one of the company’s largest markets for iPhones.

The company’s ultimate goal is to have 40 stores operating in China by the end of 2016, and to start they’re opening five locations in just five weeks.

Apple started its flurry of activity with the opening of its store in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province this weekend. Situated over two large levels of retail space, the new Apple store is one of the biggest in Asia.

Excited fans turned out in droves to attend the opening of the new store on Saturday.

People were already waiting outside two days before the store officially opened.

Workers put the finishing touches on the Apple logo.

The night before opening, fans camped out in front of the store.

The people at the front managed to get some shut-eye without losing their spot in line.

People were sleeping pretty much everywhere.

Apparently any spot on the pavement was fair game.

A MacBook doubles as an eye mask.

Excitement filled the air on the day of the opening.

An army of red-shirt-clad employees were ready to help customers.

The crowd was massive.

Inside, the scene was just as hectic.

Some took selfies to commemorate the occasion.

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