The 3 plays in sports everybody will be talking about today


Good morning! Here are the plays everybody will be talking about on Monday:

It happened to the Jets again. Lost in all the hubbub of the Butt Fumble on Thanksgiving, 2012, was that the Patriots scored 21 points against the Jets in 65 seconds. The Butt Fumble was just the second of the three scores. On the ensuing kickoff, the Jets fumbled and wide receiver Julian Edelman grabbed the ball out of midair and ran it back for a touchdown. On Sunday, the Chiefs pulled off the exact same play, only this time it was tight end Demetrius Harris grabbing the ball out of midair and returning it for a touchdown. The Jets lost in a similarly embarrassing fashion, 24-3.

The bad beat of the weekend and maybe of the year. UCLA was either a 3- or 3.5-point underdog at most sportsbooks. With UCLA winning 13-9 with less than two minutes to go, people with money on the Bruins had to be feeling good. But then Stanford scored a touchdown with 24 seconds to go to take a 3-point lead. For those that had UCLA +3, it was a push. For those who had UCLA +3.5, it was no big deal, or so they thought. On the game’s final play, from midfield, UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen got hit and fumbled the ball. All Stanford has to do is fall on the ball and the game is over. Instead, Solomon Thomas picked up the ball and ran it all the way back for a touchdown. Stanford won by nine. Even the announcer knew the importance, calling it, “a significant play to some!”

The Packers found another loophole in the NFL’s kickoff rules. When the Lions kicked off late in the first quarter against the Packers, Green Bay looked for a moment like they were in trouble. The ball momentarily went into the end zone before bouncing back out to the three-yard line. That’s when Ty Montgomery ran out of bounds, laid down, and grabbed the ball with one hand while his feet were still out of bounds. Since he was out of bounds, the ball became out of bounds. A kickoff that goes out of bounds is a foul. Instead of getting the ball inside their 10-yard line, the Packers got the ball at their own 40. They went down and scored a touchdown on the ensuing drive. 

The Vin Scully bonus. Scully’s career is nearing the end and on Sunday, the Dodgers played their final home game of the season. One by one, Dodgers players tipped their cap to Scully as they came up to the plate for their at bats. His reaction when first realising what was going on was fantastic.


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