The 3 plays in sports everybody will be talking about today

Good morning! Here are the plays everybody will be talking about on Tuesday:

Trevor Bauer tried to pitch with a cut finger and lasted just 21 pitches. In one of the more surreal scenes ever in the MLB playoffs, Bauer had to be pulled from his Game 3 start in the first inning because he was bleeding all over the mound. Bauer, who missed his Game 2 start because he had cut a finger on a drone, tried to go in Game 3. But his stitches came loose early on and despite trying to hide the bleeding, it was eventually too much and his night was over (see more images here).


Geno Smith is back. With Ryan Fitzpatrick struggling and the Jets trailing 28-3 late in the fourth quarter against the Cardinals, Todd Bowles turned to Geno Smith. It was just the second game action for Smith since he lost his job due to a locker-room fight. Smith did go 4-6 for 31 yards in limited action, but one drive stalled with an incomplete pass on second down, a fumble by Smith on third down, and a timeout on fourth down because the play clock was near zero. Despite the timeout, Smith returned and threw a bad interception on fourth down to Tyrann Mathieu.


Patrick Peterson lost a bet. According to ESPN, the Cardinals quarterbacks have a throwing contest after practice on Fridays in which they have to throw passes into a bucket. For some reason, Peterson also participated. The loser of the contest must warm up in a costume of the choosing of the other players. Peterson lost and this was the result.


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