The 3 plays in sports everybody will be talking about today

Good morning! Here are the plays everybody will be talking about Tuesday.

Eden Hazard’s goal for Chelsea won the Premier League for Leicester City. Tottenham needed a win against their hated rival Chelsea to stay alive in the Premier League chase. Anything else and Leicester City would complete one of the all-time great fairy tale seasons. The Spurs lead 2-0, but Chelsea completed the comeback in the 83rd minute when Hazard curled one in from just inside the box to tie the match and Leicester City are the champs (read more here).

I can’t stop watching this goal.

Hazard levels things up at The Bridge & #LCFC are crowned Champions!

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— Leicester City FC (@FIRST4LCFC) May 3, 2016


The Thunder beat the Spurs on controversial no-call. With 13.5 seconds remaining and Oklahoma City up 98-97, they were inbounding the ball when Dion Waiters shoved Manu Ginobli before throwing the inbounds pass. The Spurs did steal the pass, but had to run a chaotic sequence instead of getting the ball out of bounds to see up a play. Did Waiters shove Ginobli? Yes. But no official in the history of the NBA is calling that a foul. If they are going to blow a whistle  — and they should have  — they would have likely called a delay-of-game warning on Ginobli for being closer than three feet (he actually was stepping on the line). The ref would have moved Ginobli back and the Thunder would have gotten a do-over. So if anything, the Spurs benefited from the no-call (read more here). 


Nick Bonino waited and waited and then dished for the eventual game-winner. The Penguins beat the Capitals 3-2 to take a 2-1 lead in their second-round series. The third goal for the Penguins came off the stick of Carl Hagelin, but it was the pass by Nick Bonino that made it possible. Bonino took the puck, circled around Braden Holtby, and slid the puck onto the blue paint. Somehow, the puck completely misses the defender and finds Hagelin’s stick which is just sitting on the ice waiting for the pass to deflect into the net.


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