The 3 plays in sports everybody will be talking about today

Good morning! Here are the plays everybody will be talking about on Friday:

The Taj Gibson pick-3 at the buzzer. At the end of the first half between the Thunder and Trail Blazers, Portland had the ball with 1.4 seconds left. So the last thing anybody is expecting is for the Thunder to hit a shot from beyond half court at the buzzer. But that’s what happened when Gibson stole Portland’s long inbound pass and then just heaved back the other way. Splash (via TNT).


The Radek Faksa ride-the-rail goal. Faksa scored a goal to give the Stars a 2-1 lead over the Islanders, but it was what happened before the shot that got everybody’s attention. Just as he was about to cross the blue line, Faksa avoided a hip-check by hoping up on to the rail in front of the Stars’ bench, riding it like he was in the X Games, and then coming back down and controlling the puck. He would give it up, but got the puck back a second later, and scored (via Sportsnet).


The Luis Guillorme catch in the dugout. In the second inning of the Marlins’ spring training game against the Mets, Adeiny Hechavarria lost control of his bat and it went flying towards the Mets dugout. While most Mets players and many of the fans behind the dugout cowered in fear, Guillorme kept his cool and calmly snatched the bat out of mid-air with one hand and then tossed it back as if it were no big deal (via SNY).


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