The 3 plays from Game 5 of the NBA Finals that everybody will be talking about today

Good morning! The Cleveland Cavaliers won Game 5 of the NBA Finals, beating the Golden State Warriors, 112-97. Here are the plays everybody will be talking about Tuesday.

LeBron is starting to announce his presence with authority in this series. LeBron scored 41 points with 16 rebounds, and 7 rebounds. That’s a monster game in a Summer League game. It’s mind-boggling in the NBA Finals against arguably one of the best teams of all time. And he did it from everywhere. He was 4-8 on three-pointers. He was hitting mid-range jumprs. And, of course, LeBron was going to the rack with his signature power.


LeBron James was also playing some defence. Oh by the way, James also had 3 steals and 3 blocks, including this chase-down block of Stephen Curry from behind. Not today, Mr. 2-Time MVP.


Kyrie Irving had the game of his life. If the Cavs are going to do the impossible and come back in this series, LeBron is going to need some help and on Monday he got a ton of it from Irving. After spending most of the first four games forcing ugly shots, Irving suddenly came alive in Game 5. He scored 41 points and he did it on 17-24 (71%!) shooting. That included 5-7 from 3-point range, including this one where he ended up on his seat.


A Golden State Warriors Bonus. It wasn’t all bad for the Warriors. Shaun Livingston had a posterizing dunk of his own. 


A Kevin Love Bonus. Love disappeared in Game 5, scoring just 2 points. But he did provide this humorous clip where it looks like he is trying to give LeBron James a high-five and instead gets yelled at. Truth be told, Love is probably trying to demonstrate something to LeBron and it only looks like he is going for a high-five. But considering the state of Kevin Love these days, the former seems more fitting.


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