The 3 plays in sports everybody will be talking about today

Good morning! Here are the plays everybody will be talking about on Wednesday.

Curtis Granderson gets thrown out at a bad time. The Mets lost Game 1 of their double-header against the Cardinals, 3-2. They did have a chance to tie the game in the ninth inning until Curtis Granderson got a little too brave on the base paths. With Gradyman on first with no outs, he tried to tag up to second base on a fly ball to center field. The thinking here is to do whatever he can to get into scoring position. But he has to make sure he gets there. He did not. Tommy Phan made a perfect throw and Granderson was thrown out. All of a sudden it was two outs and nobody on base and it was essentially game over.


Kevin Durant says hello to his new fans in Oakland. Durant played his first game at Oracle Arena since signing with the Golden State Warriors and it didn’t take long to say hello. In the Rio Olympics warm up against China, Durant took a pass off the opening tip and immediately drained a long 3-pointer. Team USA won by 50 (Vine via Bleacher Report).


It was not all roses for Kevin Durant in front of his new home fans. In a move made famous by the Golden State Warriors  — a move that others have tried to imitate, and failed  — Durant started to celebrate Kyle Lowry’s three-pointer too early. Lowry missed and Durant looked silly (via The Cauldron).


The Charles Bakrley Bonus. How has Charles Barkley not gotten better at golf yet? He still has one of the worst swings you have ever seen. Sometimes weekend hacks have terrible swings that sorta, kinda work because it is a band-aid that seems to hide bigger problems. But not Chuck. His awful swing is not doing anything to help. More importantly, fans are not safe around Barkley when he is playing golf such as at the American Century Championship celebrity tournament where he finished dead last.


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