The 3 plays in sports everybody will be talking about today

Good morning! Here are the plays everybody will be talking about on Friday.

Big Papi broke Pesky’s Pole. David Ortiz’s incredible final season just keeps on giving. He is already having one of the best seasons of his career. He’s on pace to hit 42 home runs, which would be the third most in his career. His .330 average would be the second best of his career and his 1.096 OPS is a career high. And on Thursday he broke Pesky’s Pole during batting practice when he hit a home run so hard the ball got stuck in the right field foul pole. Sadly there is no video, just this photo of the aftermath.


Coors Field strikes again. They say that they have tamed Coors Field by having the baseballs sit in a humidor. And yet three of the five longest home runs in MLB this season have come at Coors Field. The latest is this 486-foot blast by Mark Reynolds, the second-longest home run of the season. Interestingly, this one doesn’t look as far as the home run hit the day before by Bryce Harper. But that is just an optical illusion. In general, home runs down the lines tend to look farther, especially with upper decks close to the field. Also, the outfield is so big at Coors Field that the outfield seats are farther away from home plate than most parks and the enormous lower deck in the outfield at Coors Field also makes it appear that the ball lands closer to the field than it really does. But make no mistake, this is a mammoth home run.


Matt Holliday had a close call. In yet another scary scene in which a player barely escaped serious injury, Holliday took a pitch off the nose. Luckily the ball did not hit him square, only clipping the nose on the way by. But Holliday was still bloodied and an inch to the right and this would have been a much uglier play. He even tried to stay in the game but got overruled by the coaches.


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