The 3 plays from the Rio Olympics everybody will be talking about today

Good morning! Here are the plays everybody will be talking about on Tuesday:

Shaunae Miller literally dove for gold. The final of the women’s 400 meters had some controversy as Shaunae Miller of the Bahamas dove across the finish line to edge American Allyson Felix for the gold. Some felt this broke one of sports’ infamous “unwritten rules.” But in the end, Miller was awarded the gold (Read more here).


More Olympics controversy in the women’s swim marathon. After nearly 10 kilometers and more than two hours of swimming in the water off of Copacabana Beach, the silver medal in the women’s swim marathon came down to a photo finish and some controversy. At the end, the swimmers must reach up and touch a white banner above the water. France’s Aurelie Muller (white cap) and Italy’s Rachele Bruni (black cap) both struggled to reach up and touch the banner at the same time. With one last gasp, Muller lunged and touched the banner a split-second before Bruni. But officials ruled that Muller was on top of Bruni and kept her from touching the banner first. Muller was disqualified and Bruni was given the silver (Read more here). 


Track and Field’s one-false-start rule is heartbreaking. In track and field, you are disqualified if you false start just once. That’s what happened to French sprinter Wilhem Belocian who was disqualified from the 110-meter hurdles before running a single race in Rio. In one of the heats for the 110, Belocian jumped a split-second early and suddenly his Olympic dream was over before it started. That’s a cruel way to end four years of training and understandably, he didn’t take it well (Read more here).


Olympic celebration bonus. There have been a lot of great celebrations in Rio, but the celebration of the day on Monday goes to David Katoatau, a three-time Olympian in weightlifting from the tiny island nation of Kiribati. Katoatau finished 14th in the 105 kg weightlifting event. Imagine if he won!


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