Immediately After Nest's $US3.2 Billion Sale To Google, There's A Way To Build Your Own Smart Thermostat For Just $US70

Nest, the company that sells the $US250 thermostat that connects to the Internet, sold to Google for $US3.2 billion earlier this week.

It turns out that using some common electronics and an open-source Wi-Fi development board called Spark Core, you can build a Nest-like device of your own for about 70 bucks.

The team at Spark did exactly that, creating a mostly fully featured Nest-like thermostat powered by their board. Then they released full instructions on how you can do the same.

So who knows what you’ll do with an open-source Nest? As Spark writes, “We’re not saying that you can build a $US3.2 billion company in a day. But we are saying that you can build a $US3.2 billion company…”

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