Open Etsy: Brooklyn Start-Up CEO Tells All

Rob Kalin, CEO of the rapidly growing Brooklyn-based e-commerce company Etsy, recently “opened the doors” on the company’s blog, describing all of Etsy’s various departments and the dozens of amazing people who have added to the team over the past year.  Union Square Ventures’ partner Fred Wilson lauds the post as a new milestone in company openness and transparency, and who can blame him for being happy: Etsy is already reportedly banking $1 million a year.

We’re major Etsy fans, and we’re always in favour of more information and transparency rather than less (even when said information goes on and on and…).  But this may be the first time in our business career that we have read a letter from a CEO signed:


Well, Rob and Etsy, more power to you.  We’reinlikewithyou!


Etsy Sells 1-Millionth Item

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