OPEC Is Swimming In New Petro-Dollars

OPEC’s oil revenue is surging, again, and is set to continue growing through 2011 according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. 2010 oil revenue is likely to be a cool $181 billion higher than that seen in 2009, which makes for a pretty nice rebound.


Last year, OPEC revenue plummeted to its lowest since 2005, when total revenue exceeded $500B for the first time. EIA forecasts that OPEC members could earn $752B of net oil export revenues in 2010, and with expectations of a slightly higher average in 2011 oil prices, to earn $821B in 2011.

It might take a few years for OPEC to beat 2008’s peak oil revenue, but future revenue forecasts could change dramatically should oil prices end up far higher than currently forecast.


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