Oops…Megan Fox Won't Save The Tomb Raider Franchise After All

Executives from game publisher Eidos recently hinted they might revive the flagging Tomb Raider franchise by dropping the game’s “teen” rating for “mature,” allowing the company to add a lot more racy content to the game. And Exhibit A of the new, sexier Lara Croft was to be Hollywood starlet Megan Fox, reported to take over the role from Angelina Jolie.

Except one problem: Last night Megan’s reps told io9 “she’s not involved in the [Tomb Raider] movie at all.”

Signing Megan, who was a huge following of slavishly loyal fans, would have been a nice boost for Eidos. But then, any new Tomb Raider movie not only now lacks a Lara, it also lacks a director or official Hollywood backing. (But Time Warner (TWX) upping its stake in Eidos could hint a movie might come.)

In the short term, Eidos is going to have to save Tomb Raider the old-fashioned way: With good gameplay. But we can’t help but wonder — If neither Angelina nor Megan will play Lara Croft, who else is woman enough for the role?

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