This interactive map shows the UK's trade relationships that are being threatened by Brexit

The Office for National Statistics just dropped a whole bunch of data exploring the way Britain trades goods and services with nations around the world.

In the past, Britain’s trading relationships were relatively obscure to the vast majority, but with Brexit set to cut of the country from the world’s largest common market, the European Single Market, trade is now in sharp focus.

Once Britain has officially left the European Union at the end of the two-year Article 50 process, one of its next tasks will be to forge a new trade deal with the EU, as well as negotiating with countries all around the world.

Brexit Secretary David Davis and International Trade Minister Liam Fox have consistently maintained that Britain will be able to strike deals with relative ease, but trade experts have maintained that doing deals is significantly more difficult than the government is making out.

The government will struggle to negotiate a satisfactory trade deal with the European Union once Brexit is officially completed, trade expert Angus Armstrong said in a report in January.

To explore the enormity and complexity of Britain’s global trade relationships, check out the ONS’ fully interactive map below:

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