Only Optus customers will be able to watch the EPL next season

Photo: Getty Images

Optus has today unveiled the pricing for its 2016/17 English Premier League packages, locking the rights down to just its own customers.

As expected, only Optus customers will be able to watch live EPL games in Australia from next season, with a current postpaid mobile or broadband subscription required for access.

Subscriptions will be available for $15 per month, or will be included free for plans valued at $85 per month and above. If you only have a mobile device and want to watch it on TV, a mini set top box will be required for an extra $5 per month.

That mini set top box means that at this stage Optus won’t be allowing Airplay or Chromecast support.

Streaming the games will be unmetered for both mobile and broadband customers.

As part of the package, every EPL game will be shown live across nine sub-channels devoted to the sport. Analaysis programs, news and replays will also be aired across the channels in high definition.

An app will be released for both mobile and tablets to stream from, while a dedicated website will be available for desktop and a channel added to the Yes TV by Fetch box.

Optus is also touting the access Yes TV customers will have to the beIN SPORTS channel for an extra $14.95, which gives football fans access to live matches of the UEFA Europa League and Italian Serie A leagues, among other big European championships.

Outside of watching it through an Optus subscription, the telco has also sold the rights for one EPL game per round to SBS. It will also be looking to strike deals with pubs to help pay back the $150+ million it spent acquiring the rights.

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