Only in Australia - police arrested a woman and found a baby koala in her backpack

Photo: South Brisbane Police.

Queensland police discovered a baby koala in a woman’s backpack after arresting her on unrelated charges.

The 50-year-old woman was approached by patrol officers last night and subsequently taken into custody on outstanding matters.

When asked if she had anything to declare the woman produce a green canvas bag in which police found a joey.

The woman claims that she found the joey the preceding night and was caring for it.

The RSPCA Ambulance was called to collect the baby animal believed to be about six months of age.

The koala, now named Alfred, is in good health, although a bit dehydrated.

“He’s been on fluids but is doing well and will shortly be going out to a carer,” said RSPCA Qld spokesperson Michael Beatty.

However the RSPCA is urging anyone who finds a koala not to attempt to handle it.

“Please call our animal emergency hotline on 1300 ANIMAL. Often the animal may have no obvious signs of injury but it can have internal injuries that need immediate attention.”

In April 2012, koala populations in Queensland, NSW and ACT were listed as “vulnerable to extinction” under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

Here are some photos from the South Brisbane Police of Alfred the koala.

Photo: South Brisbane Police.
Photo: South Brisbane Police.
Photo: South Brisbane Police.
Photo: South Brisbane Police.

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