Only Baseball Could Screw Up Something As Simple As ‘Opening Day’

MLB Opening Day Logo

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Tonight is “Opening Day” in baseball as the defending World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals will help open the Miami Marlins’ new ballpark.But wait, it was also opening day last week when the Oakland A’s and Seattle Mariners played two games in Japan.

And there are still 22 other teams playing Spring Training and exhibition games today.

It will also be Opening Day tomorrow when there will seven games, including one with the Marlins playing in Cincinnati against the Reds. Yes, the Marlins-Cardinals game tonight is a one-game series that won’t end until 10:30 local time and then the Marlins will have to play a game in Cincinnati 17 hours later.

But wait, we’re not done! We will have another Opening Day on Friday when 13 more teams will play their first game of the season. And that doesn’t include the Mariners and A’s who will re-start their season after taking a week off after their series in Japan.

Can you imagine if the NCAA Tournament played the first round over the course of 10 days?

Hey, if you ask Bud Selig, he will have a perfectly logical and simple reason for all of these individual moves, although some of them are purely financial (e.g. playing in Japan). But when taken as a whole, all of these changes have taken what was once a special day, and completely purged it of any special meaning.

And that sucks.