Online Video Platform 5min Signs Up IGN To Corner Gaming Vertical

5min Media CEO Ran Harnevo

5min Media, a New York startup that syndicates premium video content to publishers in niche markets, just gave its video games offering a huge boost by signing up gaming megasite IGN as a content partner.

5min offers web publishers a way to include relevant video next to all of their content without doing any ongoing work. Publishers embed a piece of code in their templates, and 5min automatically provides relevant videos to each new article. Ad revenues are split between content providers, publishers, and 5min.

It’s a promising model: 5min served up 130 million streams in July (116 million U.S.) to 42 million unique viewers (27 million U.S.), and claims its ad inventory has been sold out all year. The company has been able to build up a huge library of over 200,000 videos in the verticals it serves. The new deal is a huge move in gaming, as the News Corp owned property is by far the biggest publisher in the vertical.

To achieve huge scale on the distribution side, we expect this has to become a self-serve process, since smaller publishers are the least likely to produce or licence premium video content on their own. 5min won’t say anything specific about its plans on this front yet, but it’s something to watch for.

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