Here's What Can Go Wrong When You Order Flowers Online


If you ordered a bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day, we hope you know what you’re getting into.

The gorgeous bouquets you see online don’t always match the final product, especially when you order from discount sites.

We gathered complaints plus pictures from

WESLEY BERRY FLOWERS: We ordered Teleflora's Deluxe Possibly Pink arrangement and received a dying and wilted daisy arrangement with one rose worth $5.

WESLEY BERRY FLOWERS: I received 6 white tulips from my boyfriend today, even though they were supposed to arrive tomorrow on Valentine's Day AND were supposed to be red roses. OH and by the way the tulips are DEAD—3 broke off and the other 3 are pointing downward trying to die in peace. There is one purple crappy flower thrown in there as well.

PROFLOWERS: The worst flowers I have ever received. Green leaves and dried up dark flowers. When my boyfriend came through the door his ears turned red and he immediately picked up the phone.

WESLEY BERRY FLOWERS: I ordered an arrangement that should have had 8 roses 5-6 stargazer lilies, 8-12 carnations and filler chrysanthemums. What I got was a crappy bouquet with 3 roses, 8 carnations, NO LILLIES and a few chrysanthemums, 3 of which were broken off at the stem.

WESLEY BERRY FLORISTS: I ordered an arrangement and what was delivered look nothing like what I ordered. They refused to credit me back my money and their only solution was to pick up the bouquet and redeliver a new one which I thought would be terribly tacky.

WESLEY BERRY FLOWERS: I ordered a funeral cross that was supposed to be red roses trimmed in white carnations, with orchids in the centre. What I got had all kinds of holes where flowers should have been, not to mention it was all carnations, not one rose, and they used peace lilies, not orchids. It was a disgrace to myself and all my family.

WESLEY BERRY FLOWERS: I ordered a $100 dozen red roses in a chrome vase with a balloon for Valentine's Day. Instead she received on the day after Valentine's Day 4 pink roses, some daises, a lot of fluffy filler in a plain clear vase and no balloon.

PRO FLOWERS: My fiance placed the order at 9am on a Friday and paid extra to have them delivered by 2pm because I leave work early on Fridays. Instead I received a text from Pro Flowers at 2:45 pm saying they flowers would be late and that they would be there momentarily. The flowers were finally delivered at 4:15pm. I was so angry I wanted them sent back.

PRO FLOWERS: The photo showed a lush, full vase of lilies. What my friend got was sparse and lackluster and in a different vase. When I called to complain I was told the picture I viewed is not the picture of the regular order but the super delux—and shown a tiny disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

FROM YOU FLOWERS: The roses were puny, wilted and a lot less prevalent than in the picture. The vase was not as nice as the free glass you get with a slurpee. This was not what I expected for $45.

FROM YOU FLOWERS: I ordered an arrangement to be sent to the funeral of my mother's twin sister. The flowers were dry and half dead. Most of them were broken or fallen off completely. They were so bad my mother cried.

WESLEY BERRY FLOWERS: I ordered flowers to be delivered to my wife at her place of business on 02/14/2012. The flowers arrived a day early on her day off, and they arrived FROZEN with several blooms already off the stems with the rest wilted.

WESLEY BERRY FLOWERS: The order that was delivered does not look remotely like the picture. There are fewer roses, sparse fillers and no ribbon.

AVAS FLOWERS: I ordered a flower arrangement of a certain style/colour scheme (pink/purple multi-coloured). The flowers sent were red/white cheap looking in comparison. I was told that 'the arrangement was filled as similar as possible.'

WHOLEBLOSSOMS.COM: I ordered Chocolate Cosmo flowers from for my wedding and they were dead upon arrival. I contact them the next day to reconcile the situation and my complaint was completely dismissed by customer services.

WESLEY BERRY FLOWERS: Flowers were shipped from Michigan, not a local florist as advertised. They were shipped separate from the vase, not pre-arranged. They were wilted, dead with multiple bulps disconnected from stems. They were also frozen. They were not long-stem premium roses. And the vase was too big.

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