This online dollar store is going after millennial mums

Hollar is an online dollar store — the very first of its kind.

It was founded by David Yeom, who was a Vice President at The Honest Company, Jessica Alba’s $1.7 billion baby-products company. This May, Business Insider’s Biz Carson reported that Hollar reached $1 million in monthly sales.

Not everything is a dollar on Hollar, but prices are very cheap, and customers are required to spend at least $10. Carson noted that Hollar had plans to start selling its own merchandise by the end of the year.

Now, Racked is reporting that the retailer is targeting millennial mums. It’s doing this by developing relationships with lifestyle and “mummy bloggers.”

These “collaborations” are sometimes paid with credit on the site, reports Cheryl Wischover.

Millennial mums comprise a hot market right now; lots of companies are trying to win over the twenty-something mum bracket, from Starbucks to Chick-fil-A to CVS.

Dollar stores are no exception, but Hollar is hoping to stand out because its brick-and-mortar competitors lack a visible e-commerce presence — let alone an attractive, Pinterest-friendly one.

When Business Insider’s Jillian D’Onfro tried shopping on Hollar earlier this year, she said she was “pleasantly surprised” by its quick shipping. She noted that in order to get free delivery, she had to purchase $25 worth of goods. She had a mixed reaction to the products, writing that “with a nine out of ten product success rate, it seemed about on par with experiences that I’ve had at regular dollar stores.”

For the full Racked story, click here.

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