Blackstone's COO And Other Wall Street Bigwigs Sat For A Recruiting Firm's Video Series To Talk Careers


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Skiddy von Stade has been recruiting on the Street for 30 years. In that time, he’s made friends with some of the biggest players in finance from investment banking to asset management.Last year, the CEO of sports recruiting firm Teamwork Online gave him an idea. She told him to leverage the decades-long relationships he’s built on the Street to create content for OneWire, his firm.

The idea was not just to set his firm apart, but to also help young clients understand what the Street is all about. Now the interviews are complete, the videos are going up, and the series is called Open Door.

“The reason why I did it was because throughout my career I’ve tried to help people figure out what to do with their lives,” von Stade told Business Insider. “Today I talk to young people and ask them why they want to go into Wall Street. They say they want to make money, but there’s no guarantee they’ll do that… No matter what you do in life it has to be something you’re interested in and passionate about. If you go into a job just for the money, there’s a 99% chance you won’t be happy.”

The interviews will be released in clusters. The first three on the site feature Jimmy Dunne III, Co-founder & Senior Managing Principal – Sandler O’Neill, Jeffrey Leeds, President & Co-founder – Leeds Equity Partners, and Bill Comfort, Former Chairman at Citigroup Venture Capital.

Not bad. Next on deck is Tony James, President and COO of Blackstone.

Check out the interview with Bill Comfort below, and keep your eye out for more videos in the coming weeks.

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