This App Will Save You From Having Dozens Of Tabs Open In Google Chrome At Once

Imagine you’re trying to finish an assignment on your laptop and you see the battery power slowly trickling down. With numerous tabs open, how are you going to stay organised and complete the task without frantically searching for an outlet to charge your computer? Fortunately, there’s an excellent Google Chrome extension that solves some of the most persistent problems browsing the Web.

OneTab eliminates all the clutter by shuffling tabs into one comprehensive list. You can add it to your Chrome browser here.

Here’s how it works.

After downloading the extension from the Google Chrome store, you should see the icon appear in the right side of the screen. Click on it.

You’ll see that all your tabs open in your browser have been incorporated into one. “Restore All” will open up every Web address that’s listed or just click once on each individual website to open each option. Now, go over to the right and click “Bring All Tabs Into One.”

While this feature organizes everything open in your browser, it launches a menu that leads to more customisation options. The “More” option located at the end will let you lock each tab, rename it, or remember it for later.

Once you finish organising your tabs, go to options located on the right to set your parameters for the program. Decide if you want to activate Onetab automatically when you use Google Chrome or open a new window you restore a tab. All it takes is a few simple clicks to manage the mess on your computer.

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