The sequel to this rare yet amazing Android phone is launching later today -- but a bunch of photos of it have already leaked

After seeing a massively successful OnePlus One launch, the Chinese startup is officially unveiling its much-anticipated OnePlus 2 phone later today. However, we won’t have to wait until then to see what it looks like.

High resolution photos of the phone that show the device from all angles have leaked online. A person who claims to be a beta tester for OnePlus from China has posted a bunch of photos of the phone on XDA Developers, an online forum for developers. The images also appeared on blog Android Central in its communities section.

The photos seem to confirm details we’ve reported about the OnePlus 2 over the past several months, such as the fact that it will come with metal edges.

Here’s a look at the back of the phone, which looks similar to that of the One.

And this is what the front looks like. You can see the home button, which is said to have a fingerprint sensor.

Here you can really see the phone’s metal edges.

OnePlus will be announcing its new phone later today during an event that’s going to be livestreamed via the OnePlus app. The biggest additions seem to be the phone’s new metal design and fingerprint sensor.

The OnePlus One saw widespread success when it launched last year for two main reasons — it’s extremely cheap compared to other flagship Android phones, and it was really hard to find. You can now order the phone directly from OnePlus’ website every Tuesday, but before February you could only order the phone if you received a special invite from the company (you still need this invite if you want to buy the phone any other day of the week).

The OnePlus One starts at $US250 without a carrier contract, which is $US50 cheaper than its launch price of $US300. To put this in perspective, unsubsidized Android phones such as those made by Samsung, HTC, and LG can cost between $US500 and $US600 without a carrier contract.

OnePlus declined to comment on the authenticity of these photos.

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