There's a new most expensive condo building in New York City

One57 rendering at nightOne57With its pricey full-floor condo units, it’s no surprise the skinny skyscraper is breaking records.

Move over 15 Central Park West — there’s a new most expensive building in town.

One57, the 73-floor supertall skyscraper in midtown Manhattan, has been crowned the new most expensive building in Manhattan as of 2015, according to a report by CityRealty.

The building’s average price per square foot for the year was $US6,010, while last year’s most expensive, 15 Central Park West, came in at only $US5,726.

It’s no surprise the skinny skyscraper is breaking records. It’s located on a stretch of 57th Street known as “Billionaire’s Row,” and for most of its existence, it’s been a magnet for foreign millionaires and billionaires trying to get in on the New York real estate boom.

Though the identities of most of the buyers of units in the buildings are shielded by shell companies, the New York Times was able to sniff out two billionaire buyers: Canadian Lawrence S. Stroll and Silas K. F. Chou of Hong Kong.

A buyer named Doijang Li, who is likely a Chinese national, picked up a $US30 million condo this year, according to the Real Deal, and a Chinese airline exec Guoqing Chen paid $US47.4 million for another space in the supertall. Another Chinese national, Tao Liu, paid $US3.56 million for an apartment in 2012, but tried to flip it in 2014 for a profit.

One57 renderingCourtesy of One57A model residence in One57.

Hedge fund star Bill Ackman was also identified as the buyer of a $US90 million slice by The Wall Street Journal — one of the most expensive apartment sales in New York ever. New York’s most expensive sale in history was also in One57, where a mystery buyer dropped $US100.47 million on a top-floor duplex earlier this year.

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