The Amazing Recovery: Here's Everything That's Happened Since The Dow's March 9, 2009 Low

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Happy anniversary!Today is the one-year anniversary of the day the Dow hit a low of 6547.

(It’s true the S&P 500 bottomed on March 6, but that was a Saturday this year, so we couldn’t celebrate the anniversary)

We’ve rounded up all the big numbers to put this amazing one-year run into perspective.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane >

Total market gains since March 9, 2009

$5.6 trillion

(source: AP)

Which index has been the biggest gainer? It's not the S&P...

Since March 9th, the S&P 500 has climbed 58.09% or 418 points. The DJIA has climbed 59.48% or 3942 points. The NASDAQ Composite Index has climbed 80.46% or 1041.03 points.

Thus, The NASDAQ Composite - growing 80.46% in one year by 1041.03 points

What stock has had the biggest gain? Try DDRX out for size.

The biggest 52 week price change by percentage was Diedrich Coffee Inc (DDRX), which gained 8615% and is now trading at $34.87 a share.

What sector has been the biggest gainer? Think Blankfein.

Financials - up 129.65%, followed by conglomerates and thirdly, industrial goods.

Commodities biggest gainer: Palladium 127.9%

Currency biggest gainer: Australian Dollar: 42.17%

Big Bank Performance:

52 Week Performance:

JP Morgan (JPM): +26.71 / +167.67%
Goldman Sachs (GS): +94.53 / +124.96%
Morgan Stanley (MS): +12.43 / +72.35%
Bank of America (BAC): +13.67 / +435.35%
Wells Fargo (WFC): +20.34 / +236.24%

Bet you wish you had invested in these companies that got bailed out...

52 Week Performance:

American International Group (AIG): +22.15 / +316.43%
CIT Group (CIT): +33.92 / +1630.59%
Citigroup Inc (C): +2.53 / +245.63%
GMAC LLC (GMA): +14.5 / +250%
Capital One Financial Corp (COF): +29.65 / +356.77%


The VIX then: 49.68

The VIX today: 17.42%

Source: AP

The employment rate

The unemployment rate then: 8.2%

Now: 9.7&


Then: $918/oz.

Now: $1120/oz.

Source: AP

The car industry:

GM and Chrysler both went bankrupt since then.

Ford: It's up 647% from $1.74 to $13 (Source: AP)

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