One Year After Its Horrible IPO, Facebook Reports Earnings Again Today

Sheryl Sandberg

Facebook went public a year ago.

Today, it’ll report its quarterly earnings for the fourth time since then.

What should you look for when they come out?

I talked about them with my boss, Henry Blodget, earlier that this morning. 

Here’s the instant message conversation:

Henry Blodget:

FB will be interesting

Nicholas Carlson:

What are you interested in to hear?

about FB earns

Henry Blodget:

mobile growth and usage stats

Nicholas Carlson:

mobile ad growth, assume

going to be big. they are stuffing ads

feels like it to me, anyway

Henry Blodget:

right.  the key is any sense of how close to capacity they are… and what revenue growth looks like relative to that.  also mobile pricing.  possible that, once they hit high capacity, prices will start to rise

overall usage stats also important, though.  the declining numbers are worrisome

Nicholas Carlson:

wonder if they’ll alk about FB home numbers

they sound v light so far

JP Morgan analyst Doug Anmuth, meanwhile, has these 10 questions he’d like answered.

1. How Is Sentiment?
2. What Will Make the Stock Go Up or Down?
3. Is User Engagement on Facebook Down?
4. Where Will Ad Revenue Come In?
5. Can Mobile Revenue Grow Q/Q?
6. How Much Will Desktop Right Rail Decline?
7. What About the Tough Ad Comp in the Back Half?
8. Where Are FBX and Custom Audiences?
9. What Happens to Margins In 2013?
10. What Gets Us Excited About Facebook?

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