I Saw 3 Separate Political Protests While Strolling Around Paris This Weekend [PHOTOS]

paris political protest syria

France has a culture of political protest that is, to say the least, robust. 

I’m in town to report on the Paris Air Show, and walking around town this weekend, I came across three different demonstrations taking on a variety of causes.

There was support for illegal immigrants in France, the Syrian revolution, protests in Turkey, and even anarchy. 

But because “manifestations,” as protests here are called, are so common, it’s hard for them to get a lot of attention, and most people who aren’t directly involved walk right by. 

Here’s a look at the three protests we saw in as many days.

It was hard to discern a theme. There were flags for health care, students, and anarchism.

I found out there were two protests that had somehow joined together. One was calling for better treatment of illegal immigrants.

Whatever the causes, there were lots of cops on hand.

In full riot gear, they looked imposing.

But everything stayed calm as protesters milled around. Customers at the café next door were totally unperturbed.

Later that afternoon, I came across a much smaller protest, in the centre of the city.

It was meant to support the revolution in Syria.

One man waving two flags in a dramatic fashion caught the attention of a lot of passers-by.

Even the kids got into it.

On Sunday, things got a bit more interesting.

A large group of people had gathered outside the Hotel de Ville (City Hall) to rally support for protestors in Istanbul.

They waved Turkish flags and chanted for resistance against the Turkish administration.

They had extra support from the local students' union.

But like at the Bastille, people nearby weren't overly interested.

Just a few yards away, people were still enjoying a nice evening, and relaxing in lawn chairs.

Now see how the protests are going in Istanbul.

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