One Way To Handle Tough Job Market: '09 Law Grad Gets $174 Per Sponsored Tweet

Rex Sponsored Tweet

Photo: @rex7

Rex Gradeless (the name alone is awesome!) graduated from Saint Louis University School of Law in 2009, but his legal web presence is vast.He’s got a blog called Social Media Law Student and a Twitter following of nearly 77,000 (balanced, it must be noted, by the fact that he follows over 76,000). You can find him @rex7.

Though his bio indicates Gradeless is (like many an ’09 grad) looking for a full time gig, he is apparently finding a way to make a little money while he does it.

Legal Blog Watch (via Simple Justice) noted Gradeless is trying to turn his large Twitter following into ad revenue, commanding, via Sponsored Tweets, $174.83 per sponsored tweet. While it does not look like he’s had a ton of takers yet — one sponsored tweet so far — LBW noted that his fee “places him somewhere between Oscar-winner Marlee Matlin ($217/tweet) and ‘former NFL star Tony Mandarich’ ($58/tweet).”

$174 is below what many BigLaw firms demand per hour for the services of their first years, but Gradeless’ effort per sponsored tweet, we imagine, is well less than an hour. Creativity is the name of the game these days, and hats off to Rex for going where most lawyers would not even know how to go if they tried. 

We’re reached out to Gradeless to see how he got where he is, Web-wise, and we’ll let you know when we hear back.

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