This is the biggest mistake men make when they apply hair product

Applying hair product isn’t hard. Open tube, squeeze out liquid, apply to hair.

But there is a trick to the last step that many men aren’t aware of.

You can’t just apply cream, wax, or pomade to the top of your hair or the ends and let it sit there.

By only applying product to the tips of the hair and then styling it immediately, you end up with uncooperative strands that won’t do anything close to what you’d like.

The solution is simple: Apply product from root to tip, massaging it in to ensure even distribution. This is much easier to do with a water soluble product while the hair is still damp.

Note: Most hair products prefer to be applied to wet hair. Applying them to dry hair (even in the correct, root to tip fashion) will prove difficult and can result in a flaky, “dusty” look.

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