ONE-UPMANSHIP: This is Forbes' Answer To Bloomberg's Daily Billionaires Index

Bloomberg Forbes

Photo: Lisa Du, Business Insider

Last Monday, Bloomberg released its Billionaire’s Index, a list of the 20 wealthiest individuals in the world that would be updated daily depending on financial news, company events and several other factors.At the time, we termed it the “rankings list that should kill every other billionaire rankings list out there.” Namely, Forbes.

(Remember, there was also that little known fact that Forbes may have dropped the ball when they let Matt Miller—the mastermind behind the Bloomberg index and big contributor to the Forbes lists when he worked there—leave the firm in 2009.)

Well, we may have spoken too soon, because Forbes’ annual billionaire’s list—which has over 1,000 individuals from around the world listed—came out last Wednesday; and with it an announcement that the top 50 names on the list would be updated every 15 minutes with losses/gains according to news, stock market movement and various other factors, DealBook reported today.

Does it get more immediate than that? At this point, we’re just waiting for the first media company to announce the real-time billionaire list that updates whenever Warren Buffett lifts his pinky.

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