One Thing That's 100% Guaranteed: The Healthcare Bill Will NEVER Be Repealed


Already Republicans plan on introducing a bill this week to repeal last night’s historic healthcare vote.

Obviously that’s going nowhere.

But looking out, Republicans will probably try to run on repeal in the runup until November. It’s possible that will play OK at the ballot (we don’t know) but anyone who thinks this is a realistic prospect is smoking something illegal.

First of all, to repeal the vote would be just as difficult legislatively as passing healthcare was, so just think of how hard that was. Republicans would need 60 pro-repeal votes in the Senate to defeat a Democratic filibuster. And remember, they’d need a President who wouldn’t veto the bill (i.e. not Obama or any Democrat).

But even that’s putting too fine a point on it. Here’s the real story, and it gets down to the fact that this new bureaucratic superstructure is now permanently ossified into our federal government.

There’s just no way to repeal benefits. Even if people don’t seem to like the new plan, there’s no way a politician successfully runs on some combination of: let’s go back to when insurance companies could exclude you for pre-existing conditions and let’s go back to when your kid gets kicked off your healthcare plan the moment he or she gets out of college.

See the problem? It’s the same reason no other benefit or entitlement will ever disappear.

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