One Play That Shows How NFL's Protection Of Quarterbacks Is Working And Defenses Are Getting Screwed

This past weekend, Gerald McCoy of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was mic’d up for NFL Films. While these clips are always entertaining, there was one eye-opening play that shows just how much the game of football has changed.

After already recording three sacks in the game, McCoy appeared set to get his fourth when Matt Ryan of the Falcons pump-faked. Instead of hitting or trying to tackle Ryan, McCoy eased up and just bumped into Ryan. Ryan then scrambled for a positive gain. McCoy was clearly upset on the field and after the play he could be heard saying that he thought Ryan had thrown the ball or else McCoy would have sacked him.

In the end, this is exactly what the NFL wants. They want to protect the quarterbacks and it is clearly starting to work as defenders are worried about being flagged for late hits. Unfortunately for defenders, they are occasionally going to get screwed (the entire video can be seen at, via…

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