One Of The Original 'Faceless Men' Just Anointed Jaymes 'Six-Point' Diaz His Successor

The Liberal Party’s Greenway candidate Jaymes “Six-Point” Diaz went to ground after his spectacular failure to explain the opposition’s plan to stop asylum-seeker boat arrivals.

He’s been missing for weeks now — failing to show up for a candidate’s debate and setting the local media chasing shadows for interviews.

Finally today the editor of local paper The Blacktown Advocate found him. She managed to get a quick photo but party minders stepped in when she started asking questions about policy.

Today one of the Labor movement’s original “faceless men” — the term given to Labor power-brokers who combined to install Julia Gillard over Kevin Rudd as prime minister in 2010 — declared that Diaz should be

Australian Workers Union national secretary Paul Howes tweeted this:

He’ll have a six-pointed sceptre, no doubt.

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