An injured Australian describes the moment he was stabbed in the London terror attack

Andrew Morrison. Screenshot: Today/ Twitter.

Andrew Morrison is one of three Australians involved in the London terror attacks on Saturday.

Foreign minister Julie Bishop today confirmed that the number of Australians affected by the incident has risen from the initial two.

Consular staff in London are still seeking more information about the third Australian.

Video footage captured the moments after the attack when Morrison, who is sitting on the street, holding cloth to a stab wound on his face as he is helped by paramedics, recalls what happened.

Morrison, who had been watching a football game in a nearby pub, saw a fight erupting on the street. Next thing he recalls is a man trying to stab him with a knife.

“I know the whole thing about terrorists and Muslims, all right? But he looked like a f***ing Muslim terrorist,” he says.

See the video in full here.

Morrison, who is from Darwin, is reported to be on his way home to Australia.

Meanwhile the other named Australian, Brisbane woman Candice Hedge, who was in London on a working holiday, is recovering in hospital.

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