One Of Microsoft's Original Windows Phone Partners Is Running To Android

LG Quantum HeroThe LG Quantum, which runs Windows Phone.

Photo: lg,com

One of Microsoft’s four flagship partners for Windows Phone, LG, appears to be running toward Google’s Android platform instead.The company is showing no new Windows Phones at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona this week, and was vague in an interview with AllThingsD about when its next Windows Phones are coming out.

But the company’s smartphone chief told CNET that LG is very interested in being Google’s flagship partner for the next version of Android, code-named Jellybean, which will run on both tablets and phones.

Google gives these flagship partners early access to the next version of Android, and works closely with them on hardware and marketing. The flagship phones are usually the first ones released with the new version of Android.

It’s ironic because LG isn’t just any Windows Phone partner. Back in 2008 the two companies trumpeted a deep partnership around mobile, and a few months later LG said it would select Windows as its “primary smartphone platform.”

But the phones aren’t selling, so LG is going where the money is.

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