One of Hillary Clinton's neighbours is trolling her with this sign

One of Hillary Clinton’s neighbours placed a sign near her home in Chappaqua, New York mocking the ongoing controversy over her emails.

The sign declares there is a “Used Email Server” for sale at the Clinton home with a “Clean Hard Drive.”

Clinton has been under fire since last week when The New York Times revealed she exclusively used a private email address during her time at the State Department. This meant her aides reviewed all messages that were preserved by the agency. Clinton has said she had 60,000 messages in total on a private server at her home and that she deleted all of those that she did not turn over to the State Department following her staff’s review.

The man who placed the sign, local business owner Gary Murphy, told Business Insider on Thursday that he pulled the stunt in order to draw attention to the Clinton email issue. The sign is next to what appears to be a computer server at the corner of Old House Lane, the cul-de-sac where the Clintons reside.

“I was just looking to … channel my inner Jon Stewart on a topic that I think is important,” he said of the sign, which was first reported by the Daily News.

Murphy is a Chappaqua resident who runs a company that provides maid services.

Here is another photo of the sign:

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