Greece's Neo-Nazi Party Is Sending This Death Metal Bassist To Parliament


Photo: ancientritual via YouTube

Do you prefer your neo-Nazi movements with some musical flavour?Public Radio International reports one of the far-right Golden Dawn party just elected to Greece’s parliament is also the bassist in a black metal band called Naer Mataron.

Giorgos Germenis is better known by his stage name “Kaiada,” which as Matthew Brunwasser observes, was the name of the Spartan death hole into which parents threw undesired children.

The band was apparently not terribly well-known, according to a Webzine editor interviewed by Brunwasser, until Germenis announced his candidacy.  

According to its thousand-word Wikipedia entry, the band formed in 1994 and have released albums with titles like “A Holocaust in Front of God’s Eyes.” gave their 2003 effort “River At Dash Scalding” just 2.5 stars. 

Brunwasser does interview Germenis about his politics, and learned he believes:

“…the country needs to resolve its sea border issues with neighbouring countries. There’d be big money in gas and oil exploration that would return Greece to greatness. He blames unspecified “interests” for holding Greece back.”

Here’s a clip from the band:

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