One Of Australia's Richest Suburbs Could Be Split Into Four And Residents Aren't Happy

Beach-swimming-diving A man dives into the water at Balmoral Beach on October 10, 2013 in Sydney, Australia. Photo: Getty

Mosman — where residents earn the second-highest average income in Australia — could be split into four new suburbs, under a plan which is being considered.

Fairfax reports the Geographical Names Board is considering the proposal which was lodged by Mosman Council.

If it went ahead, the wealthy area — where many of Australia’s corporate leaders live — could be broken up into four new mini-suburbs:

  • Mosman Bay
  • Cliffton Gardens
  • Balmoral Beach
  • Beauty Point

This would leave, in total, five suburbs — as some people will live in the Mosman.

According to the report some resident think it would be good as it would create more of a community identity in the broken-off areas, though one councillor has said it will create “elitist enclaves”.

Simon Menzies was one of only two councillors who voted against the idea. Here’s what he said:

“In the past we’ve all been equal. This will create elitist enclaves which will only divide the suburb. They’re pitting one resident against another and there is no justification for it.”

Data released this week by the ABS shows residents in Mosman earn, on average, $142,773 per year. That’s the second-highest rate in the country, behind Toorak in Melbourne. The Australian average is $52,240.

There’s more here.

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