A One Nation senator offered proof he’s not an Indian citizen and followed it up with a racist tweet

Senator Malcolm Roberts. Source: Facebook

Queensland One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts was born in India in 1955.

There are 24 senators and MPs in the Australian parliament who were not born in this country and in the last few days, that’s been disastrous for the Greens, with WA senator Scott Ludlam resigning from parliament last week after he discovered he still had New Zealand citizenship, in breach of the Constitution.

Today Queensland senator Larissa Waters was also forced to vacate the red leather after Canadian authorities confirmed yesterday that despite leaving her birthplace with her Australian parents when she was just 11 months old, she had citizenship there.

So that’s had a bunch of politicians checking with they’re not about to fall foul of the Constitution.

Victorian independent senator Derryn Hinch gave himself the all-clear over his New Zealand birth last week and Labor’s acting national secretary, Paul Erickson, issued a statement saying the party is “confident” every ALP member was properly elected.

And Pauline Hanson’s Queensland sidekick issued his own statement via Twitter this afternoon, saying he’d checked with Indian authorities in 2014 and no, he’s not a dual national.

Then he took it one step further in a tweet that’s clearly racist about the citizens of his birthplace.

Labor’s Tim Watts also pointed out a small technical problem with the Roberts “joke” about Indians: cricket’s famous suspected “chucker” is right-arm off-spinner Muttiah Muralitharan, who is from Sri Lanka.

Last month in parliament, senator Roberts, who backs Queensland’s controversial Carmichael coal mine by Indian conglomorate Adani, owned by billionaire Gautam Adani, accused the Greens of being the “worst kinds of racists. They are human racists!” for attempting to block the project.