Monopoly’s Killing A Token And Hasbro Wants You To Choose Which Ones Survive

Monopoly has one of the cruelest marketing campaigns ever conceived in board game history.

To keep us invested in the board game, Hasbro is killing off one of its classic tokens unless you vote to keep it alive. Otherwise the thimble, the shoe, the top hat, the car, the iron, the boat, the wheelbarrow, or the dog (ok, actually the dog is probably pretty safe), will never pass GO! again.

Rolling doubles won’t get you out of this mess.

The token will also be replaced by either a helicopter, guitar, cat, diamond ring, or strange robot with a hipster mustache.


Here’s a close-up of the mustachioed robot that should never be:

robot monopoly

This moment also serves as an opportunity for Hasbro to market a limited edition, golden token monopoly set that has the classic and five new pieces.

But it looks like this stunt isn’t only a self-promotional opportunity. Other advertisers have launched “save this token” campaigns on Monopoly’s Facebook page, like Zappos:

monopoly zappos facebook

Although 9Lives cat food seems excited about the endeavour:

monopoly 9lives

This is probably a good move than just, say, axing the wheel barrow without anyone noticing. After all, did you notice when the horse and cannon were removed in the 1990s?