ONE LUCKY B.....D'S JOURNEY: From Melbourne To Arnold Schwarzenegger's Assistant In 10 Tweets

News broke today that Arnold Schwarzenegger is eyeing off a nice pad north of Newcastle, just below Forster.

It’s actually two homes overlooking Boomerang Beach and reportedly worth around $7m. Here’s a pic and the listing:

And here’s the tweet from his PA Dylan Blocke that suggests the former Governator is looking for a slice of a quieter life Down Under:

It’s pretty speculative, but let’s talk about Dylan Blocke. Or at least, his tweet history over the past month or so, because while we’ve reached out to him, he hasn’t got back to us yet.

Blocke’s LinkedIn profile lists him as a “Motion Pictures and Film Professional” from Melbourne. He looks youngish – and he’s obviously a believer in chasing your dream.

On June 23, he packed up and headed for LA, apparently without any plans other than “making it in Hollywood”:

10 days later:

Brilliant. He’s got an agent, and a place!

An interview, that seems like it didn’t go so well:

And another, that sounds promising:

24 hours later, no reply. Uh-oh.

But wait… score!

Less than a month after leaving Melbourne, meet Blocke’s new boss. This guy:

Within three days, Blocke was buy Ah-nuld shoes:

Trying to score interviews on the Today Show:

And getting thanks from “The Bossinator” after a great first week:

Although maybe #bigguns is pushing the relationship too far, too early.

Yes, it is the life.

And actually, it’s not luck at all. It’s belief and determination, so congratulations, Dylan.

Also, happy 67th birthday, Arnie.

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